Science or our principles is a false dichotomy.

strINgCLUSION: Science from first principles, with principles first.

This week was the inaugral event of a new initiative setup by me and some of my colleagues from the string phenomenology* community, with a variety of backgrounds and at differing stages of our academic careers, and we’ve named the collective strINgCLUSION. D’ya get it?

Our group is predominantly women and/or racialised minorities and, having discussed topics of inclusivity and diversity amongst ourselves over the years, we finally took the leap to establish a space in which we can bring these conversations to the wider community — we wanted to strINgCLUDE everyone…

Dismantling the capitalist realist insfrastructure strangling our science and propping up our institutions is essential for a sustainable future

The LHC@CERN (Source)

I recently attended the Sustainable HEP conference hosted (online) by a group of individuals working in high energy theory / phenomenology at CERN.

The conference was a giant first step into, what seems to be, uncharted territory for high energy physicists and, as is a theorist’s wont, covered grandiose topics spanning from inclusivity and broader global participation in research to building sustainable colliders. The discussions were lively, informative, and detailed; watching professional thinkers and solutionists go back-and-forth on these problems was…

An insider’s outsider perspective of an anti-scientific system of white empiricism

“The universe now has a few humans in a very tiny spot called Earth… some of them are kind of controlling about what gets studied, how, and who gets to participate.” Image source:

Astro/Physics is broken. Not because a new phenomenon has been discovered that flip-reversed our working theories. Not because a new theory has arisen that can explain the Universe and all our measurements neatly and succinctly. And not because we have (or have not) understood 42. Astro/Physics is broken because astro/physicists are broken and perpetuate a social environment of toxicity: whether it’s towards women, Black people, other communities of colour, the LGBTQ+ community, persons with disabilities, etc, etc, depressingly, etc.

In her powerful, timely, and necessary book, Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein…

Hot Chutney

Othered. And tired. Active physicist. Physics activist.

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